Raise Your Hand if You’re Afraid of Downtime 

  1. Chris Markoski says:

    Deb, Thanks for identifying that many, like yourself, have a hard time adapting, and sometimes giving in, to this strange, yet important part of life’s rhythym….downtime!
    I’m sorry that illnesses & stress forced you to slow down, and just “be still”.. Don’t know if it’s merely a personality ‘thing’ that drives us, or partially a culturally part too!!
    I guess sometimes we’re just an “enemy” to our own bodies!…….slow down!

  2. dlblackwell says:

    Yes! It’s easy to ignore our body’s requests for relaxation, especially if we are inclined to push through. Thank you for your wonderful thoughts!

  3. You are always a whirlwind of activity. Your list is never ending. To lie in bed long enough to contemplate is good for your mind and soul.

  4. dlblackwell says:

    Exactly. I didn’t even contemplate more than that I need downtime lol. Rest is good and the contemplation worked. 😀

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