About Deborah

Deborah Blackwell is a writer, author, and podcast host inspired to share ways to conquer adversity and discover the hidden wisdom found in everyday life. Her courageous journey through abuse, cancer, and trauma brought her unique insight and an ability to help figure out what makes people tick and find the common thread in humanity—every person just wants to be happy.

Life—like fairy tales—is filled with intriguing characters, adventure and magic. In spite of challenges, Deborah believes life offers extraordinary surprises that often go unnoticed, and during the bleakest of times, there are magic wand moments that help us discover who we really are, and the truth of what makes us happy. Her blog “Where’s the Fairy Tale” explores the simple, everyday wisdom that’s often overlooked.

Her forthcoming book, “My (Dead) Sister’s Celestial Guide to Life” is an insightful tale about one woman’s journey through abuse, and her struggle to become a whole woman, as told by her deceased sister.

Deborah co-hosts the podcast Strictly Babble, with Nina, who is blind and deaf. The two babble about life in all its triumph and tragedy, breaking down barriers to healthy, happy living, and embracing authenticity with humor and grace. (StrictlyBabble.com)

Deborah also writes human interest stories and feature articles for publications in the arts, education, health, and well being.

She is a longtime practicing yogi passionate about global health, well-being, and happiness. She holds Awareness Training Institute certification from the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkley. Inspired by her own journey with healing, her mission is to welcome truth, expand knowledge, and embrace joy.

Married to her kindred spirit, mom of grown kids, a sassy cat, and Massachusetts resident for most of her life, Deborah cherishes time with her family, close friends, great books, good jazz, rainy days, walks on long beaches, the sacredness of nature, and authentic smiles.