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This is a book about two sisters. One is alive, and the other is not. But they share one thing in common. Both believe in happy endings, even when life is complicated.

My (Dead) Sister's Celestial Guide to Life

An insightful tale about one woman’s journey through lifelong abuse, as told by her deceased sister.

By Deborah Blackwell

My (Dead) Sister’s Celestial Guide to Life is an inspiring story of one woman’s determination to find herself on the other side of pain—other people’s pain. From the moment she was born, Evie was lost in the anguish of her dysfunctional family’s hardships. Their lives changed forever when her sister Capri, only a few months after her birth, died from a hole in her heart. The brutal misadventures of Evie’s life forward—blow-by-blow torment, confusion, chaos, heartbreak, shock and suffering—were crippling. She was the beaten down daughter of an abusive, alcoholic mother; sexually molested by her father when she was six; abused by her first husband, a gambling addict who destroyed their lives; battled cancer, bulimia, and autoimmune disabilities; wrangled with her daughter’s autism; lived in a ghostly antique house with a chilling history; and survived narcissistic emotional terrorism.

Evie experienced unparalleled loss, a deep-rooted agony that she didn’t realize she carried inside her own cells. She desperately wanted to feel better, and to know who she was in spite of her train-wreck life…in spite of herself. She knew an arduous existence didn’t change who people are at the core. They just forget who they are, and more importantly, who they could be. She wanted to stop letting her life’s difficulties rule her, and instead allow them to propel her into empowerment and then hopefully, into joy.

“Happily ever after" was a normal dream to Evie, and she searched for it for decades. But she didn’t search alone. She had her sister. Capri left the world early, to save herself from the trauma of their parents, Evie thought. She knew Capri was her guardian angel, who learned how to negotiate her own formless existence as she watched her sister live. Evie felt Capri hovering beside and around her, her divine essence enveloping her soul, her quiet messages moving through her lifeblood in gentle waves. Capri guided Evie toward the most profound truth: life is not about reaching a destination, but the destination is life. She reminded Evie to dance along the never-ending, ever-changing path; her true essence was happiness. Both were soothed by each other’s existence in two profoundly different worlds—one teaching by seeing, one learning by living. Two sisters connected, forever.

My (Dead) Sister’s Celestial Guide to Life is a love letter that sends a powerful message to women of all ages. Life is happening right before our very eyes, even when we are kicking and screaming our way through in our struggle to evolve, release our past, plan our future, embrace our existence, and ourselves. The compelling story, as shared by two captivating souls, reveals the universal thread of humanity: every person just wants to be happy. The happy ending is now.

*Please note: My (Dead) Sister’s Celestial Guide to Life is a working title.

“Some people learn to write, others are born to write. Deborah is the real deal. Her innate creativity and talent set her apart; her style is both soothing and stirring." 

— Lucy H., Editor

“I can’t think of any book out there there, that shares such deep insight from the perspective of a dead sister. I was absorbed in this profound modern-day fairy tale, and would even teach it to my students. I’m looking forward to it being published." 

— Sandra M., Postsecondary English professor

“I have been waiting for this book for years! I can’t wait to read it. " 

— Christine V., Follower

From the Author

After a long, dark night wondering how to write a book and what to write about—if I could even do it with my affinity for floating through each day on whims of impulse, fantasizing about my dreams, imagining someday they will come to pass—it came to me. My (Dead) Sister's Celestial Guide to Life is a story about love, loss, and life for two girls who took very different paths toward enlightenment.

I didn’t know this was the book I would write when I was five—a tale filled with intrigue, intuition, and magic. I somehow knew then I was a writer. I wanted to be an author, and the vision stayed with me. The gnawing, persistent feeling I needed to write was visceral. Intuitive. Part of my inner makeup, my soul, hidden but real. Through the years I wrote blogs, letters, short stories, and journaled. But, being an author was not a clear-cut path, so I went on to become a journalist for a giant newspaper chain. Journalism was a whole different world from creative writing. I learned more than I could ever want about how to write a news story, which emptied my joy into an abyss of rules and demanded a style that wasn’t for me. I am a soulful writer who knew that writing a book about coming to understand ourselves in the deepest sense was my destiny.

But, life has a crazy way of taking you where you don’t need to be, just yet. When my son was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder, a form of autism, I became a disability advocate. On a mission to help others conquer adversity, overcome challenges, and thrive, I expanded advocacy into a life coaching practice designed to guide people toward comfort, calm, and heartfelt success.

My blog, Where’s The Fairy Tale, chronicled some of my most pitiful and darkest times, when I felt beaten down to an unrecognizable pulp. I asked the question, just where is the fairy tale? I searched for that answer every day, while putting my life on hold, waiting for resolution or completeness before getting on with the business of living. I eventually learned that in spite of any challenges we face, extraordinary surprises can be found all around us, if we choose to pay attention. I call them magic wand moments, and they help us discover who we really are and the truth of what makes us happy.

Welcome to My (Dead) Sister's Celestial Guide to Life. An enthralling “once upon a time” story for grown ups, who want to learn how to feel better about living.