If It’s Not One Thing It’s Another
(and what to do about it)

  1. What a wonderfully appropriate message for probably everyone I know.
    I said to a friend the other day when we both had more medical issues piling on us than either of us needed or wanted “We’ll get through it someway, somehow.” Thank you for your wonderful words to remind us to work diligently, not to fall from the weight of the burdens or blessings as they very well may be.

  2. dlblackwell says:

    Thank you for your comment! It’s so important to remember that everyone has so many things they are trying to deal with, manage, monitor, endure, and appreciate, and if we can do it, just let it all be. 😉💜

  3. So many things. But somehow you manage to persevere with grace and dignity.

  4. dlblackwell says:

    Thank you. xo

  5. Adrienne Landau says:

    THANK YOU! Poignant. deep. simple. Embracing hope from inside the pile of so many things.

  6. dlblackwell says:

    Thank you, Adrienne! Hope is hidden in the strangest places. 😉

  7. Ayun Halliday says:

    THIS!!!! >>>> “Our feelings and perceptions are influenced by a lifetime of so many things. We focus on how things should be, and how we think they should be for other people, but we don’t know anybody’s so many things. Besides, we have enough of our own.”

  8. dlblackwell says:

    Yes!! ❤️

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