Un-Triggering From a Non-Reply

  1. Heidi Hatke says:

    Hi Deb. As Anna would say, for a “hot minute- btw a stupid expression- I thought I was the one who had not responded to your text and was causing you self doubt but then I realized that I keep up with my texts and messages fairly well and quickly which kinda says I have too much time on my hands. (Queue the music). And I always look forward to your family, cat and plant updates. It’s responding to every email which is so much harder. I tend to not respond to lengthy emails that have oodles of questions because answering all the questions are exhausting. Texting and messaging are much more perfunctory. Oh not to mention that my email is saturated with spam which I have to weed through which is even more mentally draining. All that being said, I appreciate reading and pondering which is why I was happy to have your blog delivered directly to my inbox. If I have been overlooking your blogs, I am sorry. Where do I find them because I would like to read the one which Sandy recently mentioned in Facebook? There, I have left you with just one question. And I really must make the effort to visit you again given all the time on my hands. I really must!!

  2. Heidi Hatke says:

    I believe I can answer my own question: Deborahblackwell.com

  3. As I am in a MLM company & communicste On a regular basis by text & voice messages I can relate to your responses to being “ ghosted”. Sometimes i let it go & other times not so much. I’m getting better at catching myself going down the rabbit hole& letting it go . This is a great article!

  4. dlblackwell says:

    Thanks Cindy! Ghosting is a tough one. My heart goes out to you! (The journey is filled with so many rabbit holes…)

  5. dlblackwell says:

    Heidi! Thank you, I love this! It’s not you, you always answer, but thanks for pondering. 😉 I’m thrilled you have found my posts, and if you have that much time on your hands, then it’s time we combine our time and get together. Love to you and yours.

  6. dlblackwell says:

    More posts to come. One about a life-changer, and the next about ghosts. Stay tuned… (I think you’ll like the ghost one.)

  7. Tim High says:

    I am fascinated by this line, I too have “ghost responded.” And I also have been the recipient. I have learned one thing in old age. Do not sweat the small stuff. And the small stuff file continues to grow every minute, of every day…

  8. dlblackwell says:

    Thanks Tim, agree about the small stuff and the file. Takes practice! 😄

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