Eastern Medicine Kicked My Western A**

  1. Chris Markoski says:

    I loved this story, Deb, but wish someday You’ll Find relief from your POTS! Somehow, somewhere, someone will someday surface , under your radar and find some effective answers to heal your chronically ill body. And it will just happen; just like that! Hoping for better, healthier tomorrows for you always!!♥️

  2. Sandy Cole says:

    Life is such a conundrum. Your Husband must have known this man in another life. Go back and see him but ditch sir husband. Did he at least recommend some good noodle soup?

  3. Wishing you lots of strength. Someone once sent me a card that said, “heal at your own Pace. ‘Get Well Soon’ seemed too bossy for someone as competent as you!”

  4. Sandy Cole says:

    I forgot to say your descriptions are powerful. I felt like i was in Chinatown, trying to find parking, smelling all the wonderful smells and viewing all the magic.

  5. dlblackwell says:

    Thank you Blue, we are similar in our determination for whatever we are tackling! xo

  6. dlblackwell says:

    Haha I will ask for a noodle soup recommendation next time!

  7. dlblackwell says:

    Thanks so much Chris! Healthier days for both of us! ❤️

  8. dlblackwell says:

    👏 Yay!

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