Are Hashtags How We #Shine?

  1. Have never used hash tags. Don’t see the point.

  2. Chris Markoski says:

    “Our #decisions are up to us, regardless of pressure of the world”.
    Love that line…..soo true!! Thanks, Deb, for another “witty” blog on #hashtags, which I’m still trying to unravel, and figure out myself!

  3. Jeff Blackwell says:

    Lovely and witty piece of writing. We live in a world of hashtags and passwords.

  4. dlblackwell says:

    Ahhhh don’t get me started on passwords 😉 xo

  5. dlblackwell says:

    Thanks Chris! We’ll just keep on keeping on! 🙂

  6. dlblackwell says:

    The online world has its own extensive playbook!! 🙂

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