Her Remarkable Sense of Insight Changed Everything

  1. What an amazing person. And a role model for all. ?

  2. dlblackwell says:

    She is. And doesn’t even know it. 🙂

  3. Kathy Whitney says:

    What a great piece! She sounds amazing!!!

  4. dlblackwell says:

    She is! And thank you!

  5. Chris Markoski says:

    Deb, your friend is extraordinary! I can’t imagine living with such deficits, yet having such a positive disposition! Bravo for her!????
    I think she would be a role model for many who take life for granted.
    Such an Inspiration! ?❤
    Thank you for introducing us to a remarkable, fearless woman!?❤

  6. dlblackwell says:

    Thank you for your sweet comment Chris! I’ll share it with her! ❤️✨

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