My Apologies… Soul at Work

  1. Chris Markoski says:

    Your blog does make you think deeply into your soul on who you are now, and who you used to be.
    No one is perfect! I take it day to day!!

  2. dlblackwell says:

    Thank you Chris, Day to day is the best and only way. There’s a lot of freedom in the present moment, we just aren’t always good at living that way. 😉

  3. THIS is Everything. I love this so so much. Soul at work is what we all are for our entire lives. What an eloquent way you have put into words our journey we are all on. Recognizing this; granting ourselves grace is a pathway to expectance of ourselves and inspiration to choose what our next step is. I LOVE this perspective!

  4. dlblackwell says:

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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